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Christmas Eve was a wonderful reunion for my German cousins and I. It was a time to relax and celebrate.

Christmas is never a stressful time for me, as it can be for many people. Jeff and I usually go to his parents or to mine. We don’t have kids, so we don’t feel any urge to decorate, shop for a lot of gifts, or go on major cooking or baking sprees. We usually take care of cooking a nice meal for the whole extended family while we stay at his parents.

This year, we did not give each other anything since we are already taking this Germany trip together. And we are more interested in accumulating experiences rather than more stuff. Yes, we are total DINKs — want to sign up? There is a form provided at the bottom of this page. 😉

So the holiday season is a great time for us to take a well-deserved break from another hard-working year and to relax into the New Year before we get swept up again in our routines.

Christmas Eve at my cousin's

Christmas Eve at my cousin’s place, with his wife and their two kids, and his sister, my other German cousin came from Heidelberg with her husband. That’s Jeff at the left with the wine glass in his hand, doing his best to impersonate the character Julian from the Canadian cult show Trailer Park Boys. Julian always has a rum and coke in his hand, even when he’s climbing out of a crashed car.

Christmas Eve fondue dinner

The table is set for my cousin’s family’s traditional Christmas Eve fondue dinner. With my two cousins, their partners and kids, there were 8 of us enjoying a long leisurely meal after opening the presents.

The reindeer and I

The glitter-reindeer and I on Christmas Eve. One of us may have had a few drinks by this time. I am not showing photos of any other reindeer for privacy reasons.