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Chagall and the Bible art exhibit, Münster, Germany

Chagall and the Bible art exhibit, Münster, Germany.

Münster is a rich little city near Osnabrück — so rich in fact that they have their own Picasso-Museum. This Picasso-Museum was hosting a Marc Chagall exhibit of his Bible story paintings, and our friends offered to take us there — or I should say, to take me there, since they know how much I love art, and Chagall happens to be one of my favourite artists ever since I discovered him as a child. And who is a more child-like artist than Chagall?

Copy of Chagall painting in Procreate on iPad

I have this new thing I do at art museums: I copy some of the art by re-drawing it on my iPad. Here is a Chagall painting in Procreate on iPad. In this manner I both interact with the art, create something myself, and don’t take the exhibited art too seriously. I don’t want to worship these artists, I want to see them as people just like me. Or see me as just like them.

Copy of Chagall painting in Procreate on iPad

Another copy of a Chagall painting in Procreate on iPad. I very much enjoyed seeing this show, most of the paintings or drawings were new to me.

My thoughts on the Chagall exhibit

My thoughts on the Chagall exhibit.

City of Münster, Germany

In Münster there was yet another church thingy. While Münster is a beautiful city and well worth a visit, I don’t find these “official sights” nearly as interesting as the little things I discover, as you will see in the images below.

Lucky German New Year pig

In Germany, pigs at New Year’s are considered a symbol of good luck. I suppose it’s about riches of food and fertility, although I have never thought about it until just now. This time, I will let you google it yourself.

German lucky mushroom

Another traditional symbol of good luck in Germany is this red mushroom with white dots, which is actually poisonous, but never mind. There is also a German word “Glückspilz” which means “lucky mushroom” and is used to describe a person who is fortunate. And since it’s New Year’s, the good luck symbols are indeed popping up like mushrooms, or much like the red envelopes or moon cakes with the embedded duck egg pop up for the Chinese New Year all over Vancouver.

Heart-shaped bread in a German bakery in Münster

Heart-shaped bread in a German bakery in Münster. Hearts are always good, again this must be a New Year’s thing.

Traffic light, Germany

I had never seen this before in Germany or anywhere else: “Grün kommt”, meaning, “the green light is coming”. No, really?

Doing 190 on the German Autobahn

Here is my friend G., driving us back from Münster, doing 190 km/h (127 mph) on the fabled no-speed-limit German autobahn, just to show us that YES WE CAN! I have to admit that my inner race car driver loved it. And I don’t think our little Yaris in Vancouver can go faster than 140 km/h (about 90 mph). I think our odometer goes to 160 km/h (110 mph). And please note, while as a professional designer I have some pretty advanced Photoshop skills, this odometer was not digitally doctored. 🙂

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