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A fellow urban sketcher from Victoria, BC, Matthew Cencich, organized a sketchbook display at the Oak Bay Library in Victoria, BC. He asked six other sketchers, including me, from all over the world to send him books: Kumi Matsukawa (Kanagawa, Japan), Luis Ruiz (Málaga, Spain), James Hobbs (London, England), Virginia Hein (Los Angeles, USA), Gabriel Campanario (Seattle, USA; he is the founder of the Urban Sketchers organization), Matthew himself, (Victoria, Canada), and me, (Vancouver, Canada).

Entrance to the Oak Bay Library with urban sketchbooks display

Matthew Cencich organized this urban sketchbook display at the Oak Bay Library, in Victoria, BC.

Two of my sketchbooks on display at the Oak Bay Library

Two of my sketchbooks. To see other people’s sketchbooks closer up, click on one of these photos to see more on my flickr.

Matthew said in an email: “It’s really is something special to see a small grouping of high quality sketchbooks together like this. And my short time spent putting the display together over a few hours resulted in 3 or 4 extended conversations with people who really liked the exhibit. Many, many people stop to look at it. The librarian said that many people have been asking about the display and commenting on their interest in it. She said that it has already created ‘quite a buzz’. A couple people said that they have a sketching group and are always looking for new members. So I would say in spite of its modesty it is quite a ‘success’, or at least very worthwhile.”

He also blogged about it here. Matthew did a great job organizing this exhibit, setting it up with the library, and mounting and labelling the sketchbooks. Thank you, Matthew! I bet this will inspire similar exhibits around the world.

The sketchbooks will be on display until the end of June. Too bad I can’t make it over there during that time.

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