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Chocolate on bread

Yes, Germans eat solid chocolate on their bread. I am a big nutella fan, but had not actually tried this particular way of delivering chocolate into my stomach first thing in the morning. It is basically a thin chocolate bar on your breakfast bun. With butter. Sans prayer. Take that, you Kindergarten-Tante!

On Saturday, December 29, Jeff and I spend one more leisurely morning with our friends before catching the train back to Berlin, where Jeff will spend a full week with me. We have been sleeping like die Weltmeister in Cologne and Osnabrück — 9- or 10-hour sleeps each night, Jeff probably due to having a cold, and I must have been catching up from my 5- and 6-hour nights that I averaged during my first 4 weeks in Berlin.

G. and the girls dropped us off at the train station. M. ran alongside the moving train for what seemed like minutes (she’s an athlete). I felt sad to say goodbye, but I was also looking forward to some quality couple time.

Jeff's travel medicine cabinet

Jeff’s travel medicine cabinet. He’s had a bit of bad luck to get a cold on this trip.

Riding first class ICE

Riding first class on the ICE on this trip. There is not a big difference to 2nd class except it is less crowded, they take your food and drink order at your seat and bring it to you, and the seats and compartments are more spacious. Now that I just wrote that, it makes it sound pretty good.

On the train

I have been enjoying the train rides very much.

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