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Kaffeehaus SowohlAlsAuch, Berlin

I had a very good breakfast and two coffees at Kaffeehaus SowohlAlsAuch. It was a very late breakfast, and I stayed for almost 3 hours. I probably spent over 2 hours sketching this very detailed view of the cafe. I realize some of the perspective is decidedly wonky, but that’s OK. There are no mistakes in art ;-). And all the cups would slide off the tables if they were this wonky in real life.

On November 13, I had a low-key day. After the mid-day sketching session at the cafe, I did some shopping for groceries and Christmas gifts, successfully procrastinating on some work I should have been doing.

Girl's dress, Berlin

I enjoy walking around my neighbourhood and looking at the boutiques. Things are definitely upmarket though. This little girl’s dress is a designer parent’s dream, no doubt, but it costs around €90.

Elisabeth, Empress of Austria

Elisabeth, Empress of Austria. Since I don’t have a TV here (thankfully), I have some time to explore shows on YouTube, including old German movies. Obviously I could watch these from Canada, but I have TV shows and Netflix movies to watch there, and I am not on a nostalgia kick as I am here. So I’ve watched a couple of the old “Sissi” movies dramatizing the already dramatic life of Elisabeth, Empress of Austria. Or rather, romanticizing. Still, I enjoy the costumes, colours and romance of a good old “Schinken”. See the link to the YouTube video below.

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