Posted on Oct 17, 2012 in Vancouver | 0 comments

Only four more weeks to go until my trip to Berlin. I have only just begun to think about it. It does not seem real yet. But I have finished my books for the corporate year end of my design business. I have recycled old files. I am tidying up my office. I am pre-paying some bills, so I don’t have to worry about due dates. I have set up this blog.

Of course, there is also Jeff, my husband. Human relationships are not as easily checked off on a list. But he’s coming to visit me at halftime.

And speaking of halftime, maybe we’ll get to watch a Bundesliga soccer game together. It’s only about EUR 12 to see FC Hertha Berlin play from the nosebleed section! A vastly different price scale from the Vancouver Canucks and the whole NHL.

Berlin, here I come.

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