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On May 11, my friend K. and I went drawing around Montmartre.

2015_05_11_Abbesses Metro station

The Abbesses Metro station. Yes, now I know that Abbesses is spelled with two “b”s! Two people already pointed out the mistake to me. I wasn’t wearing my glasses, as usual.

2015_05_11_Montmartre 1

A quiet area of Montmartre near the Espace Dalí.

2015_05_11_Montmartre 2

The Maison Rose in Montmartre.

2015_05_11_Montmartre 3

Drawing at lunch in Montmartre.

2015_05_11_Montmartre 4

We tried to have lunch but it was 3 pm, the kitchen was closed, and all we could get was a large slice of pear tart with chocolate crust and whipped cream. We suffered through it.


There it is, the obligatory symbol!