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Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver, BC

I had to leave a serious amount of people out of this drawing because I wanted to show the rocks more than the people. And the tree in the background was a fir/needly type, but it looks like a deciduous tree in this sketch. Time to work on my tree drawing skills, perhaps?

Lynn Canyon is a beautiful place to cool off in the summer. It’s shady, and the cool water of Lynn Creek runs through rocks and several deep green pools as well as waterfalls. One can scramble across the creek on the rocks, or jump into one of the pools from various more-or-less dangerous heights by climbing up on the rock walls around the pools.

I took my teenage visitor there along with a friend from out of town and her two sons. We had a picnic at the creek, one of the kids jumped into the pools, the rest of us scrambled on the rocks. We picked and ate blackberries, and looked in vain for huckleberries. Last year there were many at this time, this year we found almost none. Maybe because the warm weather came early this year and the huckleberry season is already over in this area? Or else, everyone in Vancouver decided to go huckleberry-picking the day before us. Who knows.

On this Thursday morning, giant groups of summer camp kids and their fearless leaders had decided to descend upon that area. I have never seen so many people standing by the pools, one could hardly see the ground. One of the many 10-year old boys made me a big compliment: “You are an amazing artist.” You know when a kid says that, they mean it. Because they will also say the opposite: “That nipple should be much higher up.” (That particular kid was critiquing last week’s sketch of my male cousin.)

The Lynn Canyon suspension bridge at the beginning of the short trail to the pools is a big attraction for tourists, and locals (to take their tourist friends to), and it’s free, unlike the Capilano suspension bridge nearby. As I mentioned in the previous post, the teenager did a spit test to decide that the Loss Creek suspension bridge on the Juan de Fuca Trail was indeed taller. I googled the height of the Lynn Canyon bridge; it’s 50m according to, but I can’t find the height of the Loss Creek bridge online. I was guessing 100m when I was standing on it, looking down through the grate, but I am sure I overestimated its height at that moment. Knowing the height of the Lynn Canyon bridge, now my best guess is about 70m for the Loss Creek bridge.