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Copper plates for etchings

Some copper plates are ready to be etched.

Of course, “storm” is exaggerated, when talking about my progress on creating copper etchings for a poetry book. My pace is rather glacial, especially if you talk to Peter Braune, the printmaker and owner of New Leaf Editions on Granville Island. He’s teasing me about popping in and out of the studio whenever I feel like it, and of not getting anything done. But I know he doesn’t mean it, I see right through him: he’s a grumpy renegade printer with a good heart. So I am not feeling guilty, progress is happening. And as Peter himself says: “You can’t really screw up an etching.” I have started to believe that this is true.

I am also designing the book, the layout is in good shape. It will contain 18 poems and 9 etchings. Since mid-May, I’ve completed 3 of the etchings and am working on a 4th one. My rate of etching is one per month, based on about 3 – 4 days per etching, and devoting about one day a week to etching. At this rate, the book should be printed by the end of the year, which is our goal.

All of the etchings use my favourite vertical format, but an even more narrow version of it. I can’t show any of the completed etchings yet, lest I steal the printmaker’s thunder. If one can call it thunder; it’s more like a politely suppressed sneeze into a handkerchief. But I have to wait until they roll out their own announcement about the book and then I will link to it here.

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