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Park-a-Park: Sketching in a disposal bin 2

About 10 of us sat in and around this nicely furnished disposal bin and sketched each other, the bin and the scenery.

There are things that I am firmly convinced are overrated, like wicker and cupcakes, while our recent sketching location should move up the popularity ladder.

I needn’t have worried, our urban sketching session in a refurbished disposal bin called Park-a-Park, conceived and created by Julien Thomas, social artist/interventionist/facilitator was a hit. Conversation flowed easily in this temporary space we occupied, and we felt fully socially facilitated.

My friend and fellow designer Eman, whose passion is street photography, came by and took photos of us, I hope to get some copies.

We decided that we will try to follow the bin when it moves to a new location, and sketch in it again. As Dave pointed out, all we need is someone to bring us refreshments.

Here are renderings of the scene by Dave and Dino.

Sketchers in the bin 1

Sketchers in the bin 1. Photo: Emmanuel Buenviaje.

Sketchers in the bin 2

Sketchers in the bin 2. Photo: Emmanuel Buenviaje.

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