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Karolina's painting 1

Karolina’s painting 1

I liked the original paintings in our room in our Mykonos hotel, Villa Pinelopi. At least they looked like originals, but maybe they were facsimiles. In any case, their simplicity and bright colours were appealing, even seemed quite brilliant to me. They also remind me of urban sketches, except they are paintings. They were signed only “Karolina” in the Greek alphabet, and there is a little bit of information about her online when I googled “Karolina Mykonos artist”. Born in 1939 in Boston as Carol Wells, she would be 74 now.

These paintings inspire me to pick up a paint brush and a canvas, start painting, and not make a big deal of it.

Karolina's painting 2

Karolina’s painting 2

Karolina's painting 3

Karolina’s painting 3

Karolina's painting 4

Karolina’s painting 4

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