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Little Venice, Mykonos

Continuing my solo sketching day, I decided it was a great idea to sit in the shade of an awning at a bar by the water in the late afternoon with an iced coffee. The view westward to the setting sun and to the Little Venice area of Mykonos is beautiful.

I like to brag that I can handle the heat, but I almost melted as the sun dropped below the awning and started hitting me. Soon I was feeling quite off.

I had to stop once I finished the line drawing and decided to add the colour later. I was completely out of blue watercolour after using the last few molecules to do the sky, so later I used my blue Pitt pen for the water.

I was getting worried about heat stroke. I crawled back to the hotel slowly, stopping for a gelato and some water in the shade. That gelato took me a long time to eat because the heat had slowed me down. After that I felt better.

Overall though I was so happy with my solo sketching day that I decided to take another one.