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Frou-frou drink and Kastro bar, Mykonos

I finally had a frou-frou drink, as overly colourful and decorated concoctions are called. There wasn’t even alcohol in it, really just the frou-frou.

The Kastro Bar is a 38-year old gay bar in Mykonos, fondly remembered by my friend L. who used to hang out here. All four of us had a drink here earlier in the week and L. was happy once again that nothing had changed. We discussed how the North American mantra seems to be to change things up all the time, even if something’s working well, because there might be an even better “business model” with more profit to be made. But there is something to be said for leaving things as they are if a business is providing a living. The Kastro Bar owner is clearly content to keep his bar’s character intact.

Today I went back here on my own to draw. But I sat outside the bar on a little plaza flanked by at least three small churches. The young waiter was beautiful, but he was only batting his long eye lashes at men. The bar tender came out to look at my sketchbook, then he sent the owner to say hi. They showed me their new drawing exhibit of Mykonos doors inside the bar.

Inside, this bar is a wonderful place. Part of the Little Venice area of Mykonos, the bar room hangs out over the sea. Only classical music plays. The large west-facing windows are filled with golden light in the evenings and the ocean view. People here are quiet, almost reverential to this view and atmosphere, it’s a small room, and as L. pointed out, anyone who sits on the benches right at the windows turns beautiful as they are bathed in a golden light.


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