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A trip to Greece

I am travelling with three non-sketchers. So I was concerned about getting enough time to draw. Inspired by Dave’s new mini drawings, I divided my page up into small boxes. This way I can do a tiny thumbnail sketch in just a few minutes, on a bus, while waiting for food, in a line-up, or at a museum, without making my travel companions wait.

How do you prepare to visit the birthplace of western civilization? In my case, you fall behind on other things like work, so you do nothing for the trip. You just buy the corresponding Lonely Planet app the night before you fly. Problem is, you still have to read it. It will not download itself, The-Matrix-style, into your brain.

So maybe our smartphone generation has regressed since the ancient Greeks. But I still like technology. At the same time, my imagination is already with all those colorful gods I loved reading about as a teenager. My favourite goddess was Pallas Athena, a strong woman, not a girly-girl, and a patron of the arts.

Poseidon was pretty cool too, how he would pop up out of the ocean with his spear and sea creatures wrapped around his head, dressed in sea foam green.

I want to find those gods in Greece. Imagination is real too.