Posted on Apr 30, 2013 in Vancouver | 0 comments

New Westminster River Market

I organized a Meetup sketch outing here. I am glad I sat down and started drawing almost immediately, because people kept trundling in for about 30 minutes. So I was able to welcome them while drawing, and didn’t wait around doing nothing. Although there is nothing wrong with doing nothing. I should do nothing more often.

There were 9 of us in the end. All very nice sketchers. One of them even fetched me a coffee — thanks Cindy!

I am realizing how many people are new in town, or come here temporarily to work, study, or improve their English. There is definitely a social aspect to this urban sketching Meetup. I am hoping to find the right balance between chatting and drawing. Luckily, one can do both at the same time, even though it takes getting used to.

I really enjoyed the Skytrain ride there and back, especially back. It was sunny and sitting on the Skytrain, I seemed to float above all the greening, blossoming trees towards the mountains, having sort of a bird’s eye view, admittedly the view of a low-flying kind of bird, but it was a neat feeling to imagine being a bird.

Clearly I don’t ride the Skytrain very often, and not in rush hour. I know the poetic bird feelings wouldn’t come up so much if it was my regular commute.