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My blog was featured on miss604.com

Posted on Apr 10, 2013 in Vancouver | 0 comments

Kits Beach, Vancouver, drawn on iPad with "Paper" app

In this self-referential universe that is the interwebs, I am linking to a link that links back here. My profile as a blogger was featured on miss604.com last week. I had no idea I was part of the local blogger scene now, but apparently I am. Rebecca Bollwitt who runs this popular blog about what’s happening in Vancouver, found my blog and asked if she could interview me for hers. Of course, this little bit of attention is flattering.

Above is a sketch from late last summer. Drawn on location on my iPad with the Paper app. It was so bright at the beach that I couldn’t tell that the colour I was using for the sky was not blue, but mauve. When I realized the colour was off, I tried erasing it and replacing with blue, but I had to admit that the mauve was better, and reverted back to it. Next time, I’ll just get a monkey to make colour decisions for me, apparently I am not needed. I do not know this dude in the drawing, but he was nicely sitting still for me while reading a book.

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Cherry blossom time in Vancouver

Posted on Apr 10, 2013 in Vancouver | 0 comments

10th Avenue bike route, East Van

It was too rainy this morning to draw the cherry trees outside. So I am posting this sketch from three years ago.

I drew the view looking east along the 10th Avenue bike route from Windsor Street. 10th Avenue is important to cyclists, as it’s a huge bike route through Vancouver. I usually end up on it at least part of the time whenever I bike around the city. To do this sketch, I sat on a manhole cover in the middle of a convenient traffic circle. Some kind of trees, possibly cherry trees (I am no botanist), in full magenta bloom formed a pink canopy over the cyclists.

A local resident stopped to chat with me for a while. Traffic circles have been sociable places for me more than once. I’ve also been offered a beer more than once when home owners would see me drawing their houses.

If you see me draw in your street, please know that I won’t fight it if you insist on offering me a drink. Of course, be aware I might then also need your bathroom.

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