Posted on Apr 25, 2013 in Vancouver | 0 comments

At "Bean Around the World" coffee shop, Main Street, Vancouver, BC

My sketching visits to coffee shops continue. Off and on it’s still a bit too cold to draw outside.

I am using a different sketchbook sometimes now, still a Moleskine but not always the expensive watercolour sketchbook. I want to jot scenes down more quickly and I don’t always take the time to colour them in, so this plain paper sketchbook works well. The colour of the paper is quite yellow. But it’s cheaper — good for my post-Berlin budget.

I came here on the weekend because I heard that they have home-made croissants only then. But I must be a croissant snob: it just wasn’t very good. A bit flavourless, and not buttery and flaky enough. If I’m going to spend $2.75 on a pastry, it better be worth it. And croissants cost the same all over the city, so may as well go where they have the good ones. Good coffee though, and really a nice place to hang out, both inside and out. And I had a scone here the other day that was very good.

All this talk about croissants is really just procrastination. I have a load of work to do and need to get back to it.