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View onto Main Street, Vancouver, BC

My Vancouver Urban Sketchers Meetup group has grown to over 100 members in just 2 months! Yup, I started it on February 17. I had no idea there was such a huge pent-up demand for urban sketching/location drawing.

I am so glad I thought of as the perfect vehicle to a) get the word out that we exist and b) organize sketch outings. As the group organizer, it costs me $12 a month which I try to get back from the other members, but the great thing is that everything gets taken care of by the Meetup website. It finds and adds maps for my sketching locations, keeps track of members, lets people add photos and communicate with each other, sends out emails and reminders, and keeps track of attendance. It would be a nightmare to organize this group via direct email — I’d never have time for anything else!

I don’t do Facebook, I am really anti-Facebook in fact, but I do Flickr, Meetup, and this blog. Those comprise my online life, which is not insignificant. I do LinkedIn as well, but to be honest, that’s just boring, because it is not about art.

At this point, anything that is not about art and drawing, is quite secondary to me, and I try to minimize the time spent on it. That includes my graphic design work as well — my goal is to reduce the amount of it. Or maybe not the amount, but the time spent on it. I still need to make money so I can buy art supplies. And replenish my bank account after 3 months in Berlin. That’s going to take a bit of time, but it was well worth it.

So if you’re a potential design client, please have a big budget, and let’s turn the work around quickly. This is not intended to sound entitled or cheeky at all. Everyone always wants things done cheap, fast, and good, but it is not possible to have all three. So I offer fast and good. This way you get your project done pronto, and I can get back to my art more quickly.