Posted on Apr 10, 2013 in Vancouver | 0 comments

10th Avenue bike route, East Van

It was too rainy this morning to draw the cherry trees outside. So I am posting this sketch from three years ago.

I drew the view looking east along the 10th Avenue bike route from Windsor Street. 10th Avenue is important to cyclists, as it’s a huge bike route through Vancouver. I usually end up on it at least part of the time whenever I bike around the city. To do this sketch, I sat on a manhole cover in the middle of a convenient traffic circle. Some kind of trees, possibly cherry trees (I am no botanist), in full magenta bloom formed a pink canopy over the cyclists.

A local resident stopped to chat with me for a while. Traffic circles have been sociable places for me more than once. I’ve also been offered a beer more than once when home owners would see me drawing their houses.

If you see me draw in your street, please know that I won’t fight it if you insist on offering me a drink. Of course, be aware I might then also need your bathroom.