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Dose Espresso Bar, Broadway, Vancouver

Being back home in Vancouver feels surreal, as if I’ve dreamt my 3-month stay in Berlin. I went back to sketching which gave me a feeling of continuity, bridging the Berlin-to-Vancouver transition.

I had a coffee and scone today at Dose Espresso Bar, sat in the sun at the window and sketched the view of the street and part of the coffee bar. It’s a tiny place near the corner of a busy intersection, Broadway and Granville Street here in Vancouver.

The open door that says “nu GREEK” belongs to the restaurant next door.

The interesting older building across the intersection houses Kaplan Education Centre; I think it’s an English language school and/or a business college. Their old building is one of the more interesting ones in Vancouver.

It was a warm, sunny day again. The light was coming in from the street and creating shadows on the wall and across the paintings in the coffee shop.

People were waiting for the bus just outside the coffee shop, so they unwittingly stood still for me.

Great coffee and interesting music — the friend who recommended this place was right.