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Painting by Katrin Merle

This beautiful painting is by Katrin Merle and she made it for me! We exchanged art before we said goodbye. I am going to frame this and hang it up at home.

February 11 was a low key day. I had planned to go to the Berlinische Galerie once more, with Katrin, but she was sick and I was tired, so I stayed home too and caught up on some work and blogging.

Blogging every day, selecting and editing photos, writing and editing text and captions, has been far more work than I had imagined (about 1 to 2 hours per post, I am not kidding!), but I was determined to keep it going. When I am back in Vancouver, I can read up what I did almost every day, and then additional memories of how I felt or what I did that day will come back more easily.

Already I am realizing that November/December felt like a different era than January/February. I was new here and in a state of constant excitement. I wasn’t able to sleep much, but I woke up early and had time to make art in the mornings. The first five weeks, when I was completely on my own here with no visitors, were probably my best time.

Christmas was spent with Jeff and visiting a lot of people, in January I travelled to Leipzig and to my friend E. in Worms, so I was either visiting or had visitors, and my precious alone-time was over.

I am definitely hoping to do this again, and in the not-too-distant future. Maybe in a year or two, if I can afford it. Maybe just for 6 weeks or 2 months, with a visit from Jeff in the middle again, but less separation time for us. Because I do miss him painfully by now.

But to continue my daily report: In spite of being sick, Katrin came over briefly anyway to do our art exchange, and we had a coffee at Manolo, then said good-bye. I wish she lived closer, I don’t have a friend like her to go sketching with in Vancouver, and most importantly, she is a great person.

Then I caught a subway to the University of Fine Arts to see the graduating class exhibit with Nina, but the students were already dismantling it when I got there. Nina and I then had a beer at “Diener”, an old cafe where boxing fans used to gather, near Savignyplatz. She graciously gave me more suggestions on how to work on technical stuff in my art, so I will have to try and visit an art supply store tomorrow and pick up some things. And hopefully she will visit me in Vancouver.

Then we said a rushed goodbye at the S-Bahn because my train was there right away.

Both Katrin and Nina have been great to get to know and I can honestly say that I’ve made two new friends in my three months in Berlin, which is pretty amazing.

University of Fine Arts, Berlin

At the University of Fine Arts, Berlin.

Diener Bar Berlin

Diener Bar Berlin, an old dive bar for boxing fans. The walls in here are full of photos of famous, semi-famous people, and boxers. I am just borrowing this photo from the Unlike City Guide, but they didn’t credit it properly so I can’t link to the photographer.

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