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Of course I didn’t really spend my last day in Berlin with the Luminous Pariah. Just like you, I have to make do with this video. Although I did want to say hello to him. After all, he’s from Seattle, so we’re practically neighbours. But apparently he’s originally from Alaska and knows a thing or two about fishing, which will become clear to you if you watch this video. Take that, Sarah Palin!

The video above is the same routine he performed between the two periods of modelling for us sketchers at Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin on Sunday. I was thrilled to see a man on stage for a change. The ladies are always wonderful too, but I say yay for Boy-lesque!

It’s such a wonderful, creative world out there when you seek out artists and performers, and Berlin’s got a large chunk of it.

So on February 12, I did a bit of work and then had the last sauna visit of this Berlin stay at Meridian Spa in Spandau. See my sketch below.

On February 13, I packed, cleaned, and also went to Berlin Mitte once more for last-minute shopping, mostly to buy small gifts for a few people.

I have a post prepared for my departure day already; stay tuned!

At the Meridian Spa in Spandau, Berlin