Posted on Mar 9, 2014 in Playa del Carmen | 2 comments

We spent one week in Mexico with friends in late January in a resort south of Cancun. I think I mostly caught up on sleep, which was great.

Dive bar in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

The drawing above is of a dive bar in Playa Del Carmen. I am not sure it was really a dive bar, maybe it was just a bar made to look dive-y, but it was half a block away from the 5th Avenue shopping strip. What I liked were the cheap white plastic tables and chairs, and the two swings hanging from the ceiling in front of the bar. Jeff and G. played cards, while L. modelled for me on the swing.

Mexico vacation with friends

This pool-side drawing remained unfinished because it started raining while I was drawing this on our first day and didn’t stop much for three days. That was fine, but I never returned to this drawing. Now I like it; the edge of the pool trailing off into infinity. You just have to imagine the whole right-hand page there.

Again, no colour due to time constraints, although it’s a pity to not use colour while in Mexico.

I also painted 10 very colourful watercolour postcards which I mailed out. The paintings are mostly variations of palm trees. I was told at the resort that they will take up to three months to arrive at their destinations. Makes me think they’re personally walking them over to Canada.