Posted on Oct 27, 2013 in Vancouver | 2 comments

Concert at the Chan Centre at Ubc

Jeff moonlights as a tenor in the Vancouver Bach Choir and is just starting his third year with the choir. The fall/winter season is the choir’s busiest time, with regular practices plus rehearsals and performances. At least once a season I attend one of their concerts. Usually they perform at the Orpheum, so Jeff hadn’t sung at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC (University of British Columbia) before. It was a rare occasion and such a beautiful hall that I had to be there.

I brought a girlfriend, M., along and we made an evening out of it, first having dinner out, then being Jeff’s choir groupies, and after the performance he joined us for cheesecake in his tux and black tie (no spills!).

I drew the hall during the 1.5 hour concert. Even though it was not sold out, it still seemed like an overwhelming amount of heads to draw, so I really slacked off when it came to drawing in the people. I marked Jeff with an arrow near the top right of the drawing. So if you recognize him from this sketch on the street, say hi.

The choir has their annual standards, a Christmas concert and Handel’s Messiah, coming up in the next few weeks.

This concert was music by Haydn and Francis Poulenc (Poulenc is a French mid-20th Century composer that I’d never heard of before, but luckily for me, not atonal like Arnold Schönberg, but more like Erik Satie: pensive and melodic).

I enjoyed the music very much, after the samples I’ve been getting from Jeff’s singing practices that appear to be scheduled during his morning showers these days.