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2013 10 12 One Sketch a Day

My sister drawing

We visited my parents in Kelowna over Thanksgiving weekend. Sunshine, warmth and beautiful fall colours made it easy to go for a walk in nearby Mission Creek Park and sketch. The mosquitos were giving it their last-ditch, all-out effort of the year, and the pine needles poked us. But we did our best to ignore the stings from below and above.

My sister joined me for drawing this time, she was working on a stained glass design for her house number. She wants to make a box, one side of which will be the stained glass, and put a solar-powered light inside the box, for the entrance to her rural driveway. And of course, she got drawn while she drew. My father later pointed out that she had sketched the wrong number. She was glad to have an attentive proof reader long before the design was committed to glass, but she probably would have spotted the error herself at some point. Can’t be sure though; she is pretty distracted by the bees, bats, and bears living on her and her husband’s property that they try to keep track of. Compared to those ongoing concerns, house numbers are clearly an urban nuisance that is easily ignored.

The square format book is a notebook I received as a promotional item from a stock photo agency. It has a small photo on almost every page and I am (more or less) doing a drawing a day until the notebook is filled, allowing myself to be inspired by each photo or the blank page. I like the different effect of the water colour on this very smooth, almost coated paper, compared to the moleskine.

If you want to see the other drawings so far, click on the square sketch and that will take you to Flickr, where I’m posting my daily drawings.