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Urban Sketchers meet at Finch's Market in Strathcona, Vancouver

On Saturday, September 21, us Vancouver urban sketchers met at Finch’s Market, a funky new cafe in the historic Strathcona neighbourhood here in Vancouver. The bad weather even held off apart from a few sprinkles of rain, so I was still enjoying the easy bike riding that comes with good weather. I had a great time and I think the others did as well. 13 of us showed up, some people drew outside, others in the cafe.

I used to rent an office downtown kitty-corner from Finch’s first location at Homer and Pender from 2003 to 2007, and have great memories of their brown-paper wrapped baguette sandwiches.

At some point the staff noticed: “Hey, everyone’s drawing in here! What’s going on?” So I told them about our meetup group. It was a fun change for them to not see everyone typing on a laptop.

The focus and concentration of sketchers, as well as their enjoyment of what they are doing, is palpable.

Vancouver urban sketchers at Finch's Market

Vancouver urban sketchers at Finch’s Market. I am 4th from left.

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