Posted on Jul 10, 2013 in Vancouver | 1 comment

Public piano under Cambie Bridge, Vancouver

Great job, Corbin!

I rode my bike home on this sunny afternoon along False Creek and saw one of the new public pianos that I had heard about. It had been placed under Cambie Bridge. And it was in use! This is an initiative called “Keys to the Streets” by a group called CityStudio, in collaboration with the City of Vancouver.

There are a total of three pianos set up in the city. After August 24, the idea is that they will be donated to community groups.

In the meantime, this piano was getting a great workout from passersby. Free concert! I decided I was not in that much of a hurry to get home, sat down for about 45 minutes, listening to music and sketching.

This young man’s name is Corbin, and he was there with his mother Emily, who sat on a bench nearby and listened. I approached them to thank him and show them the sketch when he was done playing.

I might seek out the other two pianos and draw them too. One of them is right in my neighbourhood, at Robson Park. I just have to bushwhack through all the hipsters at Kingsway and E. 15th Ave to get there, but I believe I can do it.