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Will occasionally stop sketching to enable food intake

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Vancouver | 0 comments


At the end of a good day, we had this paella dinner at friends, one of whom is an amazing cook. It tasted as good as it looks. Saffron is a key ingredient. Whenever I have saffron, I think, “I should eat saffron more often.”

This would have been worth a drawing too, but not at the expense of my social life. Most dishes are best eaten while warm and at the same time as one’s friends.

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Drawing the Vancouver Public Library with other urban sketchers

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Vancouver | 0 comments

I set up an urban sketching meetup at the Public Library downtown on May 11.

It turned out to be warm enough to draw outside, and a group of us actually stayed close together and talked as we sketched. The rest of the group came to join us at the end and I felt a really good vibe of people enjoying themselves, which made me very happy.

Vancouver Public Library exterior

Vancouver Public Library exterior. One of the other sketchers, Manish, sat down after I had done most of the sketch, but it’s fun to deal with additions. Constant changes in people and cars and weather is what you have to count on when you sketch on location.

Vancouver Public Library atrium

I came back alone a few days later to also sketch the Vancouver Public Library atrium. I didn’t like this building years ago when it was first presented to the public in a preview. I thought the Colosseum-like structure was too derivative. But now I really like this building, the huge, covered interior atrium is perfect for our rainy climate, and it adds variety to the uniform glass-and-steel look that is typical for Vancouver.

Vancouver Public Library outside view.

Vancouver Public Library outside view.

Vancouver Public Library interior view.

Vancouver Public Library atrium view.

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