Posted on Mar 19, 2013 in Vancouver | 0 comments

SweetSalt Bakery Café, 3497 Fraser Street, Vancouver

This is a new cafe, SweetSalt, in my neighborhood that bills itself as a “German bakery” and “family-friendly” — there is a play area for kids and a mostly white interior with white-painted wooden chairs. Definitely appealing to women with or without babies, and to men whose love of pastries is greater than their fear of estrogen.

I am definitely in the correct hormonal target market. It was my first visit. I had a very good Americano here this morning and a pumpkin seed bun with butter and jam. The bun wasn’t at all like a German “Brötchen” though, which are fluffy-doughy, almost like a baguette. My German heart leapt when I first saw it, but then it turned out to be the dense consistency of a mini-loaf of bread. But it tasted good nonetheless.

The great thing and I suppose the bad thing about my neighborhood is that it’s rapidly gentrifying. Yoga studios, hair dressers, restaurants, and coffee shops are popping up all over the place, and sometimes they close again quickly. I know it’s a tough market, so I really hope this new cafe survives for as long as the owners are up for running it.

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