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Aloha from Maui

It’s time to unwind with tropical breezes. On the half-empty flight to Maui, I was able to get 3 seats in the centre section and almost stretch out fully. I was so exhausted from the last couple of weeks of work overload that I lay down almost the full 5.5 hour flight. I sat up for about an hour and drew a dreamlike figure, envisioning beautiful Maui as a woman with volcano-lava hair surrounded by breaching humpback whales.

Drawing on napkins is a fabled tradition in Canada

Rumor goes that the logo for the Canadian National Railway Company was designed by famous graphic designer Allan FleĀ­ming on a cockĀ­tail napkin while travelling on a plane in 1959.

I, too, had fun drawing on napkins on my flight to Maui. Unlike in Fleming’s scenario, the Air Canada napkins provided me with a ready-to-use logo; I just had to add stuff around it. I had various thoughts about Stephen Harper, our Canadian prime minister, which inspired the two drawings on the left.

Napping on the flight to Maui

A nap well-deserved.

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