What I hope to do and see in the Big B

This is my evolving to do list for Berlin. I have found so many things I want to do that I almost started hyperventilating with excitement. To keep the overload at bay, I decided to make a list. I am not going to put pressure on myself to do all of this, but I want to continue adding ideas here, and when I do something, I’ll add a strike-through and a link to a blog post where I describe the activity.


Checkpoint Charlie

Pergamon Museum

DDR Museum


Jewish Museum

Museum der Dinge

Museum of Musical Instruments

Museum der Kommunikation

Film Museum

Local Sightseeing

City Bus tour

Visit the KaDeWe

Berlin Zoo

Mauerpark (where a section of wall is preserved)

Jewish Cemetery

Tour the Reichstag

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Go up the TV Tower

Go to the Panorama Cafe in the highrise on Potsdamer Platz

Schloss Charlottenburg





Visit a Christmas Market

Go to a traditional play

Attend an opera

See German stand-up comedy

Attend a concert by the Berlin Philharmonics

Go to an experimental play

See a band

Attend an operetta or “Komische Oper”

Experience German techno

Scenes to sketch

Schlesisches Tor U-Bahn Station

Eberswalder U-Bahn station

Wittenbergplatz U-Bahn station

large doors under train tracks

street car with TV Tower in background

a Soviet style building (Frankfurter Tor?)

a Soviet monument

Good Eats

Look for great Turkish food


Find an art supply store nearby (I found it on Kastanienallee)

Buy socks (found them at Falke!) and underwear (I don’t have room in my suitcase to bring back much else)

Buy a dress

Buy one pair of shoes

Buy pajamas (they make nice ones in Germany, Schiesser is the brand we used to buy, and it’s not related to the swear word)

Things to do

Rent a City Bike

Go the Hamam for women

Attend a Bundesliga soccer game

Visit a public sauna

Suggestions from a blog visitor, Roger (thanks!)

Liquidrom spa/sauna

Eisbären hockey club (I doubt my lack of hockey enthusiasm will take me there)

Supalife street art store

Street art walking tour

Tempelhof (decommissioned) airport

RAW-tempel for nightlife in an industrial setting


Visit Dresden

Visit Potsdam and Sanssouci Castle

Visit Leipzig and the Cotton Mill artist studios (Baumwollspinnerei)

Visit my friend B. in Wermelskirchen

Visit my friend E. in Worms

Visit my friend G. and family in Osnabrück

Visit my family in Cologne