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Obama pumpkin

A pumpkin I carved just before Obama’s historic election in 2008.

I must acknowledge the U.S. election outcome. While this going-to-Berlin thing, and this blog, is all about me, I am somewhat aware of my surroundings and current events. Based on my personal and political convictions, I am pleased that Obama won. But as a Canadian, I am not sure Obama is the best result for my country. He’s been quite protectionist of U.S. trade and business. And a friend pointed out that the continuation of “Obamacare” could mean a brain drain for Canada. That sucking sound you hear is Canadian doctors heading south, magically pulled by significantly higher wages and lower costs of living. It’s a complicated, interconnected world.

And even though I am excited to go to Berlin, explore my German roots, and soak up art and culture, I am still a Canadian. I love my country in all its awesomeness and with all its flaws and would not want to live anywhere else in the long term.

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