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View from Fisherman's Wharf near Granville Island

It’s been so long that I’ve posted to my blog, that I had to review how to do it.

I have no excuse not to post at the moment — I have a total lull in my workload. And I am currently visiting my parents in Maui; they are here for a month. I won’t be here that long, but happy to arrive here just as the rainy season hits Vancouver and while I seem to have a week off before a large scheduled project comes in.

This sketch is from October 19 (I’ve misdated it on the sketch). For the first time ever, I had set up a full-day sketch crawl for my Vancouver Urban Sketchers meetup group. I asked the sketchers to check in with me and each other any or all of three times: at 10 a.m., at 1 p.m., and at 5 p.m. This meant that in between I had lots of time to draw. For example, here I sat at a counter outside my favourite fish shack, “Go Fish”, just off Granville Island, and started this drawing while waiting for my food, and finished it afterwards. It took about 2 1/2 hrs to draw this complex scene.

Having forced myself to spend a full day drawing and socializing with other sketchers was wonderful. I knew my year-end business bookkeeping was waiting for me in the office, but it waited patiently while I drew.

Never delay drawing (or having fun). The work and chores will wait. And those things are seriously overrated anyway.

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