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Vancouver Courier article about urban sketching

The Vancouver Courier article from January 22, 2014 about urban sketching.

I was out of town for a week’s vacation, but was interviewed by the Vancouver Courier just before I left, and interviewed right after my return, today, by a local radio station, Co-op Radio.

The Vancouver courier interview, conducted by Cheryl Rossi, resulted in this article, Sketch and the city. I am content with it, in spite of its title (I am so not a Sex and the City fan), and am pleased that there seem to be no factual errors.

The interview on Co-op Radio of Christopher Levenson, Peter Braune and Sigrid Albert (that’s me), conducted by R.C. Weslowski and Pamela Bentley, can be found as a segment of their regular show Wax Poetic. But it’s not edited down from the 62-minute hour block to the 27-minute interview. So you can also just listen to the edited 27-minute segment right here.

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