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2013 10 30 One Sketch a Day

I need to connect with people even though I like to pretend I don’t

I never sketched with other people until I went to Berlin and contacted the Berlin Urban Sketchers, and they welcomed me. They are, by the way, a diverse group, consisting of native Berliners, as well as Berliners by choice from various other countries. My German background had nothing to do with being accepted by this group.

I enjoyed sketching with others so much that I decided I wanted to have a sketching community in Vancouver and that I would have to help create it or it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. I think I have transmitted some of my love for sketching and joy of discovery to the meetup sketching group which I started on February 17, three days after returning to Vancouver. The group currently has over 380 members.

I discovered that there is a special connection that results from sharing the passion of drawing with others. I have met more people this year than ever before. It’s been energizing and made me realize I am more social than I thought I was. Quality time spent with other humans is never wasted. It is even possible that encouraging and inspiring others to be creative is just as important to me now as being creative myself.

And as a bonus, I also appreciate the connection with my husband, my family, and my friends more. I just hope they will remember these heartfelt sentiments when I still don’t get any chores done because I’m out sketching instead.

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