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2013 10 31 One Sketch a Day

Make art like a child

I discovered this before Berlin, but it’s worth mentioning on this sketchblog. Being like a child means not worrying about how the art you are making is relating to art history or what it all means. I want to draw what I feel compelled to draw. I may examine it later, or not.

Whatever lines or shapes you make on a piece of paper, are not going to physically hurt anybody, nor mentally (at least probably not in the long term). So why worry about it and have the urge to label it ugly or beautiful, or even the hope that it pleases you or anyone else?

The most important thing is that you’ve been deeply absorbed in an activity to the point where you’ve turned off your conscious, restless, critical mind, and you have created something unique that did not exist an hour ago. I think that theoretically one should be able to shred it up and let it go as effortlessly as one produced it. The child is always ready to part with what she’s just drawn.

That’s why I like the work of artists like Andy Goldsworthy who create something out of nature and then allow the climate and the seasons to take over and rearrange it/disturb it/decompose it. There is great humility in that.

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