Posted on Sep 10, 2013 in Vancouver | 2 comments

Dottore Sketchy — Marilyn Monroe 1

The Dr. Sketchy Vancouver session on Sunday September 8 featured Camero Luvroc as Marilyn Monroe. Above: a 1-minute pose. I like the thick marker for its bold, expressive line quality. And how it doesn’t allow me to get hung up on detail.

Dottore Sketchy — Marilyn Monroe 4

I think the above was a 5- or a 10-minute pose. This was my favourite sketch from the evening. The figure seems to have some gravity, but nothing is laboured, and I drew most of it in a fluid line.

Dottore Sketchy — Marilyn Monroe 6

I think this was a 15-minute pose. I used a white Pitt marker on wood veneer, trying to draw highlights only. You can see a few black strokes on her right arm where I gave up on just the highlights, and tried to add shadows as well, which wasn’t necessary. I am mainly showing this for the beautiful wood texture and as an inspiration for others to use wood veneer as a drawing surface — it’s not my favourite sketch ever. I got really uptight about the tutu, which is probably the opposite of how one should go about drawing the fluffiness that is a tutu. But I will keep trying to draw on wood veneer pieces, I think the idea has potential, I am excited!