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Burnaby Village Museum, antique car

This is one of many reasons why I like being part of the Vancouver Urban Sketchers meetup group: other people suggest places to draw that I would not think of, or that I’ve never been to. It’s a great way to discover my own city. And in turn, I get to introduce others to my favourite spots in Vancouver.

Today we sketched at the Burnaby Village Museum, a session which was suggested and set up by another sketcher, Dawn. I had never been there, I did not even know this place existed in the next municipality over (Burnaby is a city bordering on Vancouver, and is one of several municipalities that make up Greater Vancouver).

We arrived half an hour before opening and sat on the curb in the parking lot, sketching a beautiful antique car. Sketchers can always find something to draw.

Burnaby Village Museum, street scene

The Burnaby Village Museum is a historic town with a general store, a blacksmith, a movie theatre, a fabric store, a carousel, an ice cream parlour, a print shop, and various other businesses.

I don’t think it has the traditional frontier-town brothel though — this is the tidied-up, family-friendly version of a historic Canadian settlement.