Posted on May 22, 2013 in Vancouver | 2 comments

Vancouver Art Gallery patio

Vancouver Art Gallery patio. That’s the rooftop of the Hotel Vancouver in the background. As usual, I had not looked at all those different gargoyles closely before.

One of my favourite patios in town is the Gallery Cafe at the Vancouver Art Gallery. You don’t have to be a ticket-holding gallery visitor to access this cafe. It’s got a cafeteria-style counter with reasonably-priced food and drinks, and a large outdoor patio with lots of green plants, flowers, and umbrellas.

I held an impromptu Meetup sketching session here on May 16, and two lively women joined me: Marie-Pierre and Cindy. These two are full of personality, they both like to ham it up. We had a great time and spent about 2 1/2 hours there. The sun came out right on time, and we coasted from the lunch rush through to some people’s early stages of Happy Hour. Cindy furtively sketched an English tourist who caught on to her and asked to see his picture, then got his wife to photograph him, Cindy, and the drawing. Turns out his wife is an urban sketcher too! I should have asked for her blog or flickr — it seems all of us have them.

Mom, dad — I’m going into urban sketching

Right after this sketching session, I had a meeting with the Dean of Continuing Studies at VCC to discuss having me teach some courses related to graphic design. I showed her my sketchbook and she got all excited about having me teach a course in urban sketching! Who knows if that will happen, but just the idea of it is more than I had ever imagined would result from this hobby of mine. And so much has already happened.