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Makena Landing Beach Park, Maui

Yoga at the ocean in the morning. Then to Makena Landing for a long snorkel-swim where saw three sea turtles while snorkeling and one turtle resting on the beach. Then we relaxed in Makena Landing Beach Park overlooking the water. My sister had to fly home in the evening, and now it’s our turn to stay for a week here in Kihei.

Giant sea turtle on Maui

This giant sea turtle was resting today near Makena Landing, Maui. They are endangered and one should not walk or swim up to them but admire them from a distance. We saw three more giant sea turtles in the water when we were snorkeling near here.

Maui sunset

I decided to add another Maui sunset to the vast number of Maui sunsets already on the interwebs. Just this one.