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On January 28, G. and I had a busy but very fun day. It was icy and sunny with crusty snow as we did our best to get lost on public transit. We went to Berlin Dahlem to visit the Brücke Museum, then zipped over to the Bauhaus Museum to learn how the various men who ran the show at the Bauhaus disagreed on its mission and teaching philosophy. But it was very interesting and definitely a highlight for us graphic designers to visit this cradle of modern design.

In the evening I got to try a Turkish restaurant in Kreuzberg I had wanted to check out called Defne (it was great!), and afterwards we had apple tea and a sweet dessert at another Turkish restaurant. No Prosecco!

Painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Painting “Female Artist”, 1910, by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner at the Brücke Museum in Dahlem, Berlin.

Berlin U-Bahn station signage

More of the cool Berlin U-Bahn station signage.

Bauhaus Archive

The entry sign at the Bauhaus Archive.

Bauhaus Archive

A weird decorative-looking pole at the Bauhaus Archive. I don’t know if this has any function other than to be phallic, but it better not just be form, or this would not be the Bauhaus.

Bauhaus Archive

Various posters relating to the Bauhaus Archive.

Bauhaus Archive

The Bauhaus Archive at dusk as we are leaving.

Bauhaus Archive

The Bauhaus Archive sign glows as we are leaving at dusk.

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