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January 10 was a day to play giant-catch-up-on-totally-neglected-client-work-thanks-to-my-bohemiam-Berlin-life-style but when I was done, I watched an old Heinz Rühmann movie: Der Hauptmann von Köpenick based on the true story of a poor saddler who ends up in prison for decades and gets frustrated by the bureaucracy of the Weimar Republic when he finally gets released, buys an old military uniform and stages a coup where he single-handedly commands a battalion to invade a station in Köpenick, a town outside of Berlin, in his quest to get a passport so he can leave the country and find work elsewhere. The civil servants of Köpenick become a laughing stock because they placed so much misguided trust in what turned out to be just a uniform.

Old German movie on Youtube

I continued with my Berlin thing of watching old German movies on Youtube. Today it was Der Hauptmann von Köpenick. This scene fascinated me because of these giant beer goblets.

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