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Meridian Spa, Spandau, Berlin

At the Meridian Spa, Spandau, Berlin. The central pool.

A spa day. That’s what we did on New Year’s Day. Since we went to bed at 4:30 am after partying late, we slept in to a record late time of 2:00 pm or was it 2:30 pm? Still on that 10-hour sleep cycle, apparently.

But we still had an extremely productive day: we dragged our butts around slowly and eventually got out of the house to go to the Meridian Spa in Spandau, Berlin. We rushed out there to do precisely nothing. Read my entry on how to do a proper German sauna if you haven’t yet, to see how this works. Ahhhh! It was a wonderful start into 2013.

Meridian Spa, Spandau, Berlin

The three hot tubs and you can see the doors to some of the six saunas at the Meridian Spa.

Meridian Spa, Spandau, Berlin

One of the large resting areas overlooks the main pool.

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