Posted on Dec 31, 2012 in Berlin | 1 comment

Urban Sketchers article in the Berliner Zeitung

Two of my sketches were published in the Dec. 29/30 weekend edition of the Berliner Zeitung, the main newspaper here in Berlin. You can click on this image to see it open in another page, then click on it again to magnify.

When I came back from Osnabrück, I saw that the Berliner Zeitung had published the article about Urban Sketchers that Omar had told me about. I was able to get two copies of the Dec. 29/30 weekend paper. The article featured two of my sketches! It was a big thrill to see my artwork published here in Berlin. It’s like an official confirmation that I have contributed something to the artist scene here.

Here is a link to the article online if you can read German. It also includes a gallery of more sketches from several other people.